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Lineside Passes

Lineside Passes  (2016 season)

Railways are inherently dangerous places. Incidents involving trains usually result in life-changing injuries or even death. Therefore, careful consideration and appropriate control measure must be implemented to allow persons to go on or near the WSR railway lines.

The WSR recognises the importance and meaning of lineside photography to enthusiasts and so has put in place a system to recognise the importance of safety whilst accommodating the wishes of the photographer.

A Lineside Pass (known as a LSP) gives the photographer a unique opportunity to gain some bespoke photographs and video of trains on the West Somerset Railway which is not available to the general public.

The safety of all staff and visitors who need to go on or near the railway line is paramount and needs to be carefully considered with respect to LSPs. 

The WSR Training Officer has the responsibility of managing this process and can be contacted at Minehead Railway Station where details of courses can be discussed.

The process for issuing a WSR Lineside Pass is:-

1. The applicant must attend a Personal Track Safety course (known as PTS) and pass the associated examination.  A PTS  photo-card will then be issued to successful applicants and is valid for three years from the date of issue. The courses are usually held between 10am and 2pm and you will need to bring a High Visibility Vest with you

2. Once the PTS photo-card has been issued:-

a LSP will be issued to the applicant which will be valid for one year from the date of issue. 

A High Visibility Vest with the applicant’s unique reference number will be issued to be worn at all times by the applicant when near the line.

The cost for the PTS course, issue of cards and High Visibility vest has been held from last year and is £50 per applicant.

The courses are deliberately aimed to take place before Gala events and successful applicants will be issued with a temporary LSP to get the applicant out and about straight away.

A standing exemption exists for holders of valid PTS certificates issued by the mainline railway companies which suffice for access to WSR lines.

Unfortunately, PTS issued by Heritage lines is not accepted by WSR.

To book a WSR Personal Track Safety (PTS) course, please telephone Peter Cox, 01823 284780, any evening between 6pm and 9pm. Please make it clear that this concerns a lineside photographer’s pass and not a WSR staff pass.

"The course will normally be done by you online from any internet enabled device. If you have no computer access, make this clear and you will be offered a place on a staff course on WSR premises, involving you in the consequential travel and other expenses.”

Please click here to download the application form for your lineside pass. Please note your Lineside pass will only be issued upon receipt of a valid PTS.  

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