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Lineside Passes

A Lineside pass gives the photographer a unique opportunity to gain some unique shots of trains on the West Somerset Railway.

Please see our Restricted areas on the West Somerset Railway document for further information.

The process for being issued with a West Somerset Railway Lineside Pass has changed. The Board of Directors of the West Somerset Railway have decided that the procedure for the Issue of the Passes must be changed and it is now as follows:-

1. Before a West Somerset Railway Lineside Photographic Pass is issued the applicant must attend a Personal Track Safety Course and pass a subsequent exam. The PTS Card that will be issued to successful applicants will be valid for three years.

2. Once the applicant has passed the PTS Exam I will issue the Pass which will be valid for one year from date of issue. (This takes us back to the former system whereby you will be notified in advance of the renewal date falling due rather than having a mass renewal in January.

3. When the LSP is issued you will also receive a WSR Lineside Photographers hi-vis vest which will have the number of your Pass on it. This will show who is fully entitled to be here.

To arrange your PTS you should contact Geoff Cross the WSR Training Officer via Geoff.Cross@btinternet.com or 16 Elms Road, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 8EE.

The courses are deliberately aimed to take place before Galas and if you pass you will be issued with a temporary Lineside Pass to get you out and about at the lineside straight away.

He will also arrange one-off courses for 3 or more applicants so if you normally attend the West Somerset Railway in a group that may be more suitable for your needs.

The courses and exam last from 10.00 to 14.00 and you will need to bring existing hi-vis with you.

The cost is £50 per person which will include the hi-vis and the PTS course. No cheques will be cashed until the applicant has passed the PTS exam. Renewals for the next 2 years will be cheaper.

There will be an exemption for holders of valid PTS certification from the mainline railway companies. Photographic PTS or other trackside PTS from other Heritage Railways is not acceptable.

A Lineside Pass application Form will follow separately.

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