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Policy of funeral trains and scattering of ashes

Policy Regarding Funeral Trains and Requests to Scatter Ashes  (2015 season)

As a company, the West Somerset Railway Plc will always do its best to accommodate the wishes and requests of those who are deceased and their families. 

The company recognises that this can be a very difficult time and is keen to do their part in providing for those wishes and requests.

Health and Safety must always be a consideration in these circumstances, however we will do everything possible to facilitate and meet the expectations of those concerned.

The WSR provides a number of services in this regard and these are listed below.

The family, their representative or their undertaker must make a formal written request to the General Manager, West Somerset Railway, The Railway Station, Minehead, TA24 5BG

Option 1

You may hire a steam-train charter for your sole use, where the ashes of the deceased will be respectfully placed into the firebox of the locomotive at some point along the line, discussed and mutually agreed, outside of station limits. One member of the family may travel on the footplate (if required) to perform or oversee the placing of ashes into the firebox. The cost for Option 1 is £1,850.00 

Option 2

It may, however, be appropriate for the ashes to be placed into the firebox of one of our service trains running as part of our timetabled services. The cost for this service, inclusive of four tickets for family or friends to travel in the carriage immediately behind the locomotive, is £325.00.

As an alternative, you may wish for us to place ashes into a specific steam engine at Minehead Station which will be made available and in steam at the time. The cost for this service is £975.00.

Option 3

Some ashes may be scattered at certain other points along the line. Please ask for details as again, health and safety of those near the line must be accounted for.

In all cases, a member of WSR staff will be present to meet you, inform you of how the activity will take place and to accompany you throughout.

If you have any other queries or requests please ask for further information by either writing or telephoning on 01643 704996, or emailing on info@wsrail.net

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