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Research and help needed

(17/02/2012 @ 14:04:00)

The Company is hoping to produce an appropriate limited edition 4mm scale wagon for the Autumn Gala with an appropriate livery for a private owner along the route of the old Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway. Which sounds a doddle. Unfortunately when the scanning of the many hundreds of printed photographs of the S&D begins it becomes very apparent that the vast majority are from the B.R. era and do not have private owner vehicles in them. Pre-nationalisation shots seem to concentrate on engines and buildings and even the redoubtable work done on reviving box brownie camera snapshots for Alan Hammondís books has produced staff pictures. But the freight wagons seem to have been almost completely ignored. There is one well known picture of coal wagons at Braysdown Colliery but it would be nice to vary the theme so if anyone out there could advise on the following it would help.

1. Did Hall and Woodhouse Brewery at Blandford Forum have their vans and what were the livery details?
2. Similarly has anyone any information about Cow and Gate milk tankers from Wincanton dairy?
3. Any other detailed info about wagons from companies along the route, ideally with a clear side view picture and livery details, would be very gratefully received.

Send to Colin Howard, The Buffer Stop Shop, Railway Station, Minehead, TA24 5BG or via shop@wsrail.net.

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