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West Somerset Railway steam locomotive line up for 2012

(22/11/2011 @ 10:06:00)

The WSR steam locomotive fleet for the 2012 season has been announced.

2012 is expected to be a very difficult year for all businesses and heritage railways will not be immune from financial pressure, despite this, the WSR is pleased to be able to present a line-up of 7 locomotives to run its services during the season.

WSR owned locomotives numbers 7828 ‘Norton Manor’ and 9351 will be supported by 4160, 3850, 88 and 34046 ‘Braunton’, all of which are already on long term hire agreements with the WSR. 34046 is presently at Riley Engineering, Bury for the purpose of fitting replacement tyres to the driving and coupled axles, being progressed at South Devon Railway Engineering, at the same time Riley Engineering and other contractors are completing the air brake system and main line electronics. Upon completion of the work on 34046, it is expected that the locomotive will undertake a number of main line duties during the season away from the WSR. In order to cover for the possible absence of 34046, arrangements have been made to base recently overhauled 6960 ‘Raveningham Hall’ on the WSR for one year. This placement will enable 6960 to be properly run in following the overhaul and provide cover for 34046 when away on main line duties.

We had received offers of several other locomotives for the 2012 season including 5542, a Black 5 and a Southern 4-6-0. Unfortunately, it would not have been economic to commit to the hire of an 8th locomotive for the season and so we have had to decline reluctantly all additional offers.

During galas and other special events the WSR fleet will be supplemented by a number of additional locomotives, see the WSR web site for details as they are announced.

For more information on West Somerset Railway Locomotives please visit our Locos page.





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