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Doniford Halt

Station facilities

This station has no facilities for selling tickets and passengers are asked to obtain their tickets on the train from the Travelling Ticket Inspector.

Wheel chairs can be accommodated at Doniford Halt but please be aware that the approach to the platform is difficult.  There are no toilet facilities at this Station.  This Station is a request stop so passengers must attract the atention of the driver of the train by holding one arm up whilst on the Platform. Passengers on the train should notify the Guard of their intention to alight.  There is no parking at Doniford Halt. 
What to see and do nearby
Doniford Farm - New Attraction opening in 2012.
Doniford Bay Caravan Holiday Park is a short walk from the station as is Doniford Beach.
History of Doniford Halt Station

Doniford Halt was built in the 1980’s and serves the nearby Haven Holiday Centre.  Although it was built in the preservation era it recreates the atmosphere of a typical Great Western Railway wayside Halt and its cast iron ‘Pagoda’ Shelter comes from Cove on the former Exe Valley line and the platform from Montacute on the now closed Taunton to Yeovil line.

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